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(released September 2001)

Dancetoria (lyrics)
The Sound Of My Crashing (lyrics)
One Inch Deep (lyrics)
Zero Self Control Blues (lyrics)
Heroes Cracking (lyrics)
Sharks (lyrics)
Weird Addictions (lyrics)
Mother Mary (lyrics)
Dirty World We’re In (lyrics)
Remembering (lyrics)
Unlearned (lyrics)
Seven Bodies Seven Days (lyrics)
The Boy Who Could Jump Thru Stars (lyrics)
I Still Sleep Alone (lyrics)
Losing Fahrenheit (lyrics)
Feeling Of Faded (lyrics)
Blue Champagne (lyrics)

AMERICA IS LONELY TONIGHT was my 11th album and here I rediscovered the piano. As my personal life continued to slide into chaos I found comfort and inspiration in the music of Emmylou Harris. You can hear shades of her twang throughout these songs…

Many of these songs are frank explorations of my descent into the dark and numbing world of gay internet hookups. The circumstantial pyschological damage from this lifestyle can mute ones spirit. There’s a lot of self hatred and confusion throughout these songs. Elsewhere on the album are wistful childhood recollections and me coming to grips with time moving forward too fast.

Although this album dealt with some heavy and personal issues I still find a lot of magic in these songs. At the time I was fresh and hopeful in a new city. It was exciting to invite some of the best artists in the area to share these songs with me.

Songs from AMERICA IS LONELY TONIGHT ended up being used in a documentary about gay cruising online named HOOKED. These songs meant a lot to a lot of people. I hope these songs find you and that you love them too.

Produced by Jeremy Gloff and Mark Nikolich
Recorded and Mastered at Atomic Audio
all songs by Jeremy Gloff copyright 2001 Riotboy Music ASCAP
Jeremy Gloff: piano, acoustic guitar, drums on “Seven Bodies, Seven Days”, and vocals.
Ken Karg: Drums and percussion
Mark Nikolich: bass, electric guitar, add’l acoustic guitar on “Mother Mary” and vocals on
“The Sound Of My Crashing” and “One Inch Deep”.
John Allen: accordian on “Weird Addictions”, harmonica on “I Still Sleep Alone”
and vocals on “Mother Mary”.
BettyX: vocals on “Blue Champagne”
Kim Hohman: vocals on “Unlearned” and “The Boy Who Could Jump Through Stars”.
Andy Karpay: mandolin on “Heroes Cracking” and “Losing Fahrenheit”.
Susy Martian: vocals on “One Inch Deep”.
Siobhan McCann: vocals on “Sharks” and “Seven Bodies, Seven Days”.
Kamron Mir: vocals on “Weird Addictions”.
Robert “Evil Bob” Moore: cello on “Zero Self Control Blues”, “The Boy Who Could Jump Thru
Stars” and “Seven Bodies, Seven Days”.
James Ratliff: vocals on “The Sound Of My Crashing”, “One Inch Deep”, “Unlearned”, and “Sharks”.
Susie Ulrey: vocals on “Remembering”.
Chris Wallace: vocals on “Dancetoria”.
Tim Warner: vocals on “Heroes Cracking”.
All photos by Jeremy Gloff except back cover by Kristin Klein
Cover design by Nathan Kaylor, Brad Richardson, and Jeremy Gloff
Rose designed by Miguel Perez