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-written by Jeremy Gloff and Sandra Lolo
-appears on Those Who Survived (2016)

You know you want me
And you know you’ve got it going on
Wanna love you and I think that I could
Not gonna fake it like all the other times before
Gonna do it like I think that I should
You got it going on – got it going on
You’ve got it going on
Going on baby

Not feeling any ordinary kinda love
Nothing will stop me from spinning around
The way you kiss me underneath the shining moonlight
I think I’m in love
And oh yea touch me baby

Drive across the bridge
I gotta get to you
I just wanna touch you
And do what lovers do

Asleep on my shoulder
Yellow lines speed by
The clouds perform magic
In the Florida sky
I love trains they don’t got no town
You’re a lot like them
No one can hold you down
I wanna get to you – wanna get to you
I gotta get to you – get to you baby

I need love…

I’m ready to roll
Speeding down the road
I think I’m in love
I can’t get enough