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-by Okesene Tilo
-originally appeared in Flush Magazine (April 2009)

On Sunday, April 19th, 2009 the official A.M.F. 2009 Hair Show After Party called Abstract will be taking place at The RITZ Ybor. Abstract, described as a music party, will be open to the public and completely FREE to attend. Performances at Abstract will include Miami Beach electronic group StereoPUSH, DJ Mane, DJ Twist and Tampa pop socialite, Jeremy Gloff. I recently sat down with the highly entertaining Jeremy Gloff and asked his thoughts on everything from the upcoming Abstract event to Madonna and Rihanna.

Okesene Tilo: Jeremy Gloff! Thank you for taking the time to sit down with me for this interview. Are you excited about your upcoming performance at Abstract and what exactly do you have up your sleeves for the show?

Jeremy Gloff: Yeah, I am totally looking forward to the show. This time around I am planning on putting together a couple little productions to songs from my 1987 album I don’t play as often.

OT: A little birdie told me that you are already in the studio recording the follow-up to “1987.” What can you share about that?

JG: People responded very well to 1987 so it would have been really easy to play up the whole “flamboyant gay guy doing zany things onstage” angle with the follow-up album. I toyed with going in that direction and realized that it wouldn’t be true to myself. So I’m making a very personal album that will comment on my current views on myself and the world, and the state of “love.”

OT: Do you find a lot artists not being true to themselves and only catering towards what they feel people want to hear them play?

JG: Definitely. Everything feels so commercialized today, to the point that almost nothing feels “true” anymore unless you dig way way underground. Even my biggest influences as a child have succumbed to the commercial pressure. Stevie Nicks has regulated herself to the greatest hits circuit, and Madonna is spreading her old cooch and singing with Justin Timberlake to sell records. It makes me sad.

OT: So if a multi-million dollar recording contact came your way to sing a duet with Rihanna to be produced by, what would you do?

JG: I would wake up because that would never happen in real life. I don’t go to the gym enough to raise interest in obtaining a million dollar recording contract. I’m over 30 and at odds with everything Rihanna is. I almost said “everything Rihanna stands for” but she doesn’t really stand for anything. She is complete fluff. I’ve never even heard of

OT: What local artists and musicians do you admire and respect?

JG: I was pleasantly pleased to find out that Drew from Lush Progress’ sincerity is equal to his knowledge of music theory.

OT: Do you find that lacking in a lot of local musicians?

JG: I am not really familiar with anyone’s work enough to comment on this.

OT: What was the last local concert or show that you were blown away at?

JG: I’m too jaded to be blown away by anything at this point. (laughter)

OT: And why is that?

JG: After Madonna released “Like A Prayer,” Stevie Nicks released “The Other Side Of The Mirror” and Jill Jones released “Two,” the bar for writing emotional pop music was set so high. It’s nearly impossible for anyone to scale those heights. There’s a handful of grass roots musicians all over the U.S. I tour with and enjoy. Nicky Click. Team Gina. Ricky Diamond among others.

OT: What else is next on the Jeremy Gloff calendar?

JG: I am playing a Baamo concert April 11th at New World Brewery. They featured my song “Lights On” on a new compilation CD Tales Of Lust And Longing. I’m working the red carpet interviews at Square One’s La Di Da Show at the end of May. In June, I will be playing the Mondohomo festival in Atlanta. I also in the process of creating a book about Tampa.

OT: Sounds awesome. Well thank you again for sitting down with me, but before you leave I have to ask one last thing. Describe Jeremy Gloff in one word.

JG: If-u-seek