About Jeremy Gloff

Jeremy Gloff is a musician residing in Tampa, Florida.  Since his first album in 1993 Gloff has released twenty independent albums. The most recent is THOSE WHO SURVIVED.

Gloff is a multiple times Best Of The Bay Winner and his music has been featured in various films and TV shows.  Gloff was the founder of long-running Monday night open mic at Sacred Grounds Coffeehouse.  He currently hosts open mic once a month at Beer and Brownies in Tampa, Florida.

In addition to his music Gloff has written columns for Reax Magazine, Creative Loafing, TheNewGay.net, and other publications.  Gloff is a volunteer co-ordinator at Trinity Cafe, and is active in feeding the homeless.  You might also catch Gloff at his monthly music discussion group Phonogenics 101.

Gloff is currently planning a Summer Dance Party at New World Brewery.