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Written by RhondaK. as part of her ‘RhondaK’s Wreck Room” column in Focus Magazine
May 22, 2001

Jeremy Gloff: “I’m bored.”
RhondaK: “I want to move to another city”
Jeremy Gloff: “Didn’t we just love it here last week?”

We decided to kick ourselves in the psyche and leave town on a more temporary basis. Gibsonton, long renowned as a place for freaks of many incarnations, is a mere 15 minutes from downtown Tampa, but worlds away otherwise. In minutes Gloff is remarking that the industrial clouds over the full moon look like angels. In fact, he didn’t know Florida had hills. The landscape of Gibsonton at night is otherworldly.

We wheeled into the Bull Frog Creek Saloon, which had a few pickup trucks in the parking lot.

“I hope they don’t beat us up,” Gloff says without ever breaking his stride. He seemed a bit eager.

“I think a bar room brawl may be just the thing,” I surmise.

As we enter the wood paneled silence of the Saloon, it is immediately apparent that we aren’t going to get beat up. I think, in fact, people actually want to get to know us. It is curious to note that Gloff and I both had a hard time understanding the English spoken there.

Ever the big spenders, we played a 50-cent game of pool for the next hour. We slam-dunked a ball roughly every 15 minutes or so. There was an occasional home run. A time or two there was a touchdown; regrettably it was a game of eight ball.

Retiring to the 24 hour restaurant Giant’s Camp, we met a couple, Dave and Tina, fresh off the Jerry Springer show. They didn’t believe we were in town to play a 50-cent game of pool I wanted to hear more about the lesbian affair that destroyed their relationship – a relationship that now seemed to be still full of stream.

Planning our movie “Who’s-Afraid-of-FILL-IN-A-CERTAIN-LOCAL-ARTIST-HERE,” we moved through our salad bucket and Cargill Mountain-size fries while in the company of the locals.

The problem with Tampa is still one of lack of appreciation, and a rather narrow view of where to be seen. Scenesters think of places like the Hub, the Pub, the Emerald and a few other anointed dives as hip. Scratch that. The Bullfrog Creek Saloon HOPS.

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