Interview: Jeremy Gloff comes to Brooklyn for Summer Songwriter Series

Jeremy Gloff, a singer and songwriter, is making his way back to New York for the Summer Songwriter Series. The event will be held on Sept. 18 at the Pine Box Rock Shop in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Currently based in Florida, Jeremy Gloff has teamed up with friend, Dru Cutler and Pine Box Rock Shop to create a diverse set for the Summer Songwriter Series. “My old buddy Dru Cutler has curated a bill of really talented and diverse people. It’s a bunch of old friends also coming together,” Gloff tells AXS.

Gloff is a dance/pop musician who recently released two albums, Lightrail and Those Who Survived. Lightrail is a “summer feel good album, celebrating life, love, friendship, survival and hope”. Gloff considers Those Who Survived to be his comeback album after a few years away and is a tribute to some of his friends who passed away.

Though his music is upbeat, you can expect an intimate show anytime from Gloff. He says, “Even though there’s a dance beat in my songs, at their core is the heart and soul that is found in all singer/songwriter material. I still tell stories before each song and try to let people know where I’m coming from and where I’d like to take them.”

Gloff is no stranger to New York. When asked why do the Summer Songwriter Series in New York, he told AXS, “I used to play in NYC at least once a year. I have played at The Cake Shop, Lucky Chengs, and Branded Saloon. I approached Dru about doing a show and he really loves Pine Box Rock Shop. I’m really looking forward to playing there. I am the kinda boy who likes to find my go-to venue in each city.”

The night will be filled with a variety of music, from classical art to dance/pop hits. Other artists expected to perform are Amanda Fama, Dru Cutler, Lacy Rose, B.R. Mackie, Summer XO, Alex Weston & Friends and Megg Farrell.

Gloff’s albums Lightrail and Those Who Survived are available for purchase here and you can follow him on Facebook.