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-written by Jeremy Gloff
-appears on 1987 (2008)

He gets weak at the thought of her
She told her life in one long slur
He’s kinda neurotic he doesn’t like people
Something about this girl turns him on
He saw a future in her bloodshot eyes
He’s got a thing for a girl who cries
It got him most when her walls came down
It got him more when his did too
He might have to jump onto an airplane
She might have to open up her doorway

Why don’t you go with her tonight?
She lives at 1987

Remember Carolina nights
Teenagers dance in headlights
He shined so bright they called him the moon
He better catch her ‘cause she’s leaving soon
He told himself next time he’d learn
A bright fire a third degree burns
Boy is dreaming girl starts to leave
He’s gonna catch her she’s the girl of his dreams
Funny that they’d end up on the same train
Funny that they’d end up in the same car

Why don’t you go home with her tonight?
She lives at 1987
This is a chance for romance it’s your night
She lives at 1987

She always felt like a dead little girl
Waiting for a king
The breaking of bones
Well to feel that way and to never go home
Tonight the trees are making a song of their own
Yes he loves her oh oh oh oh and she loves him…
They’re going back home

Repeat Chorus

She’s not gonna leave you tomorrow baby