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(released June 23, 2008 –
Lossless Records/Riotboy Records)

Boyfriend (lyrics)
Beautiful Boy (lyrics)
Lights On (lyrics)
Good Feeling (lyrics)
Mistakes (lyrics)
1987 (lyrics)
Drama Panties (lyrics)
Florida Rain (lyrics)
All These Killers (lyrics)
Armageddon Sex (lyrics)
Don’t Forget Her (lyrics)
Love Alive (lyrics)
Clap Your Hands (lyrics)

Spring 1987. A twelve year old boy is getting ready for his middle school dance. He taught himself all the dance moves to the Janet Jackson’s “Control” singles. He keeps his fingers crossed. He really hopes the DJ plays Janet so he can show his classmates how good he can dance. Friday night arrives. One more look in the mirror. His parents drop him off and the dance begins. As each song fades and the next begins he wishes for Janet. “Gimmie A Beat!” At ten p.m. his wish comes true. The DJ’s playing “Nasty” by Janet Jackson and his dancing begins. The music pounds and his classmates watch in awe. He feels like the pop star he wants to be when he grows up. Just like Janet! Just like Madonna! He feels like a hero.

The following Monday afternoon back to school. So much whispering. Turns out the kids were watching as he danced but not in admiration. They called him mean names for the next six years. His life forever changed. That boy finished high school. He taught himself guitar. He graduated from college. He went on to release fourteen indie-acoustic albums. Never again would he allow himself the freedom and abandon of that middle school dance in 1987. Until now. This new album is a tribute to the music I loved growing up. And it’s the music I still love. Viva 1987…Jeremy Gloff style.

Produced, performed, arranged, and composed by Jeremy Gloff (except otherwise indicated)
Recorded at Atomic Audio Studios
Engineered by Mark Nikolich
A’ddl lyrics, moaning, and vocals on “Lights On” by James Ratliff
A’ddl lyrics on “Florida Rain” by Chrissy Chase
Photography by Ryan Prado (
Shirt designed by Keith Thomas (
Cover layout and graphic design by Eve Naskale
Jeremy Gloff logo by Miguel Perez and Alexis Pena Goco
This album is dedicated to Jill Jones…an inspiration to me in 1987 and in 2008. Love ya!!!
All songs copyright 2008 Riotboy Music ASCAP
Financial Investors into this project:
Lossless Records, Greg Greg, David Honl, William Pendleton, Rebecca Powell, Leah Hull,
Chris Barnhardt, James Dowdy, Neil Billinness, and Trish Gregory.