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-written by J. Gloff and S. Martian
-appears on J-Glo and Sassy: Valentine (2002)
-appears on Valentine – 10 Year Anniversary Edition (2012)

Back off bitch the boy is mine
His face is smooth his ass is fine
So what if he’s too young to buy beer
If he wants a drink I’ve got something here

Look here queen, you’re the bitch
This sweet meat’s not ready to switch
He likes to pitch, don’t wanna catch
All this boy wants in my creamy snatch

Chorus: (Both)
Momma’s outta town gotta get a hotel room
I don’t feel guilty he’s gonna be in college soon
The cutest thing that I’ve ever seen
My 17 year old sex machine

Gonna hit it hard with my jailbait baby
If I spread my legs he won’t say maybe
You think your ass is better than this?
Watch me go down and give him that kiss

Well this ain’t no competition
I’m not fighting over sins
You can put it in the bank honey
Because the dick always wins
Repeat Chorus