Here’s the latest…

Here’s the skinny. Going to announce everything at once…more details to follow.

Two Sundays from now I”ll be doing three new wave songs in new versions at NEW WAVE / NO SYNTHS!. Yes, one is a Madonna song

Tonight I filmed the video for my next single (and my return as a solo artist) called “White Glint”. It’s a collaboration with NYC electronic artist Digital Geist. The video was filmed by Quincy J. Walters and filmed at The Disco Dolls Studio. For a teaser I will say the video is my tribute to classic videos like Janet Jackson‘s “Pleasure Principle” and Madonna‘s “Hung Up”.

“White Glint” will be one of the two new tracks on my upcoming greatest hits album that is coming out in January. The album is going to be called HURRICANE LULLABIES: THE BEST OF JEREMY GLOFF and it will feature 18 songs…two from each album I’ve put out since I moved to Tampa plus two new tracks (my “Justify My Love” and “Rescue Me” haha)

HURRICANE LULLABIES will be released on my 40th birthday at New World Brewery in a show booked with New Granada. Exact date and line up to be announced in early December. Not sure if we are going to do it exactly on my birthday, or one day after. I will be doing a 50 hard copy CD limited edition of HURRICANE LULLABIES. I will start pre-orders in December.

I can’t wait to share “White Glint” with you all. Just got home from the video shoot and my whole body hurts, my pants are dirty, and I am about to take a hot bath. All is a day’s work of a diva Thanks for being on board y’all.